Principal’s Page



Orick Elementary School is a picturesque little school tucked away in Redwood Creek’s coastal valley at the southern gateway to Redwood National Park. At about 25 students, the school offers each child an individualized education, in a multi-graded classroom where the meaning of community comes to life.

Not many schools can boast about Roosevelt Elk on the playground and bald eagles soaring the skies above the baseball field. It is these natural surroundings that make Orick a special place for learning.

Orick Elementary School is fortunate to partner with the Redwood National Park and the Yurok Tribe to provide instructional opportunities to study Redwood ecology, and learn about local culture and tradition. Humboldt First 5 supports Orick School with a playgroup on campus for families with children age 0-5.

In the summer of 2012 all of our classrooms were totally remodeled and they are beautiful. We offer students breakfast and a lunch cooked from scratch. Orick’s community participates in school events and supports fundraising efforts to benefit our students. The teachers at the school provide a safe place, where all students feel connected. Next time you are in Orick feel free to stop in and I’ll give you a tour of the school, who knows, maybe you’ll stay!

Amanda Platt